Tsinghua Future Light Source Center: vision for a light source on campus
日期:2016年03月09日 16:43:32

报告题目: Tsinghua Future Light Source Center: vision for a light source on campus    

报 告 人: Prof.Wei Lu    

              Department of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University    

报告时间: 2016-03-10 15:00    

报告地点:B-515, Lee Shau Kee Building of Science and Technology    


In the 20th century, research tools based on accelerators has been growing in both sizes and their impact on science. This fact is evident in large scale colliders for particle physics and light sources for fundamental research for very broad fields. With the emerging and maturing of a new acceleration technology based on plasmas, the overall landscape could be changed, or could they? This new technology, named plasma based wakefield acceleration, can accelerate charged particles with more than 1000 times larger gradient, therefore it can shrink a kilometer scale monster onto a tabletop toy. In this talk, the basic concepts  and recent progresses in this field will be reviewed, and a vision for building a light source on campus right here, Tsinghua Future Light Source Center, will be shared and discussed.

报告人介绍:Brief Biography

Wei Lu is a professor of Engineering Physics department in Tsinghua University. He obtained his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Tsinghua in 1998 and 2001 respectively, and later a Ph.D of plasma physics in 2006 at UCLA. His major research field is about the physics and applications of plasma based acceleration and light sources. This is a fast growing field in the past decade worldwide with a potential on converting  large scale accelerator based facilities to tabletop sources. Dr. Lu won worldwide recognitions for his pioneering works in this field. In 2007 he got the first John Dawson prize in the field, a prize named after the late John Dawson, the founding father of the field.  In 2014, he got the  IUPAP young scientist prize (International Union of Pure and Applied Physics) as the first plasma physicist in Asia. In 2011,he came back Tsinghua as a full professor to build a research team, with a dream on building a light source on campus! After 5 years hard work, Tsinghua team has made significant progresses and is becoming one of the leading teams worldwide.
Dr. Lu has published more than 100 papers in scientific journals and conference proceedings, include 3 in Nature (1 cover and 1 cover highlight), 1 in Nature Physics, 20 in PRL (1 cover) , with a total citation more than 2700. He has also served on program committee or advisory committee for the most important international conferences in the field since 2009.